Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Update

It is the first week of July and thanks to our amazing volunteers, we have been able to staff the clinic without interruption since April 5th!
We were concerned mid-June when one of our volunteers had a death in her family and had to cancel. Another volunteer stepped up to take her place, only to have to cancel herself one week later when her father had a stroke. It was Sunday, June 27th and we had only Jean, a PT who would now be at the clinic for two weeks alone. How would she be able to handle the 25 people a day who were arriving for treatment? What were the odds we could find another therapist who could travel on 5 days notice to assist her? Astronomical at best.
And then I received an e-mail Monday morning from Anne, an OT who had booked a trip to Haiti leaving 7/4. She was traveling with her sister to help at a convent, but wondered if there might be a need for an OT somewhere in Port au Prince. She did an internet search and found us. When she heard our story and needs, she paid a hefty airline change fee and volunteered to stay and work at the clinic with Jean until July 17th! Would you believe she also lives in the same city as Jean and they worked in the same hospital 30 years ago? Once again, whatever we need continues to fall into our laps.
We do not have a team yet for 7/16 to 7/31 but after the events of last week, I feel confident that everything will once again work out. (Still, I will sleep better once it has all fallen into place!)
Bondye Bon—God is Good.