Saturday, May 1, 2010


Early this morning, while waiting for out-patients, a group of men arrived to check out the water purification tanks that had been set up for the hospital immediately after the earthquake. Apparently they had trained several men in the process however no one was following through! (and no one knew what was in those big black tanks!!)
I still can’t believe the two large water tanks just outside our clinic could have been providing drinking water the whole time we’ve been here! Most days have been a challenge just to wash our hands. Once a water filtration system is in place this will make a huge difference for the patients, their families and for us.

Today we had two additional P.T. volunteers from Quisqueya that are in town but without a place to work. We were quite excited to have them until we realized that May 1st is a national holiday in Haiti (similar to our Labor Day) and NO patients came to the clinic all day!! Judeline was treated to the undivided attention of three P.T.s and two new translators (very handsome male medical students). She relished the spot light and made amazing progress. We worked on standing tolerance, posture and balance without any UE support followed by walking with only one crutch held with her uninvolved arm! She is looking so much better and stronger! We’re hoping to have a prosthetist look at her tomorrow for adjustments and to progress to her permanent prosthesis. Her hand continues to improve slowly but steadily.

At the end of the day another soccer ball mysteriously appeared for our young friends who show up at the clinic at the end of every day…we will post pictures of Guibson, Alex, Emmanuel and the kids at a pick up football game.

Adventures in Haiti is our theme and our latest happened today while returning home from the clinic. We were about half way up the mountain when the car stalled with smoke pouring in through the vents! Donna and I were ready to jump out of the car right then but Ernold and his buddy said…”wait…wait” while they attempted to restart the engine…Ernold got out and, looking under the hood said, “get out”!

Some things happen the same way all over the world….three men, a broken down car, the hood propped open and long serious discussions. One of the mysteries of life! Donna and I watch as they look at the dip stick…even we can tell there’s no oil in this vehicle. We gingerly suggest that maybe…just maybe… the radiator needs some water too….seems to fall on deaf ears…really?! Just as they finish adding the 4th quart of oil, Alex (our knight in shining armour) pulls up behind us and sweeps us into his AIR CONDITIONED car to take us home! On the drive he recounts some hilarious conversations he has had with Sean Penn!!! He tells me he will take me over to the country club tent city to meet him soon!
More adventures to come!

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