Tuesday, May 11, 2010


OMG!I am shocked that I made it to Haiti without any problems. Everything went as planned. Coming to Haiti was a shock due to the collapsed buildings and I have not even been near the epicenter. Contrary to the brokeness is the beauty of the Haitian people and their strength to recover. I am reminded of my Mission trips to El Salvador in a lot of ways.
When I got here I was driven right to the HCH Hospital and started PT treatments pronto. It is the kind of experience that lets you know why you decided to work in this Profession. It is the basic functional care that everyone deserves. Our Translators are great and my Teamate, Jennifer, has just the kind of Sarcasm that I really like. It cuts right to the heart of the matter and relieves everyones tension. Jennifer speaks the truth in a way that all ears can listen. That is, if the tranlations are accurate. Our Patients have been ones that for me cause me to dust off my brain. Recalling Inpatient type skills is a challenge.
The first day was long and tiring due to the time change but, today was very managable. I am looking forward to each day as an adventure. Hopefully we are doing some good and not just bandaide treatment. More when my brain is rested.

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