Monday, April 26, 2010

Jo Ann

This is my first entry on our blog and I happily dedicate it to...the professor and Mary Ann!(you know who you are)
It's hard to believe that my first experience in Haiti was on April 5th and that by my return on April 23rd I felt like I had come home. Even the airport no longer provokes anxiety!
This is unlike anything I have ever done before and I can honestly say it is the highlight of my 30 year career as a P.T.
I'm sure Donna has written about the little boy we saw this morning with an amputation from the earthquake. We had the gift of giving him his first pair of crutches and watching him stand and take his first steps!Can anything really top that?
I watch what a few weeks of therapy can do and see the difference of a life lived independently vs. dreams forever lost.I have never questioned my career choice,but somewhere between the hospital administrators,productivity ratings,billing and insurance company's I forgot the joy of doing what we do best...treating patients.
I hope others will take advantage of this opportunity for Haiti and for yourself.
Time for sleep now so I'll be ready for more fun tomorrow!
(Jeff, sorry for any errors...but you are not here to edit for me!)

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  1. Well said my friend!!
    Amazing the difference therapy really can make!!! I am so excited for you to go back and see the progress in patients and the clinic!